Wedding Photography Business Coach

Hi, I'm Molly —
founder, photographer, mentor, un-natural redhead, rescue dog mom.

I've been lucky to live all over the globe, and while I love being a world traveler, I'll always be a midwesterner at heart. 

Split between LA, New England, and wherever else my work takes me, I’ve spent more than the last decade as a destination wedding photographer. And more recently as a wedding photography business coach, mentor, brand curator, and idea ignitor. (Says me... and others, too!)

During undergrad, I studied Design, Retail Merchandising, and Photography and I always thought I'd work in fashion photography. So I worked in fashion in both London and LA, later realizing I loved photography but not so much working in the fashion industry the way I was. That led me to obtain a Master’s in Fine Art Photography so I could teach at the collegiate level. Then enters pivot #2, as I traded becoming a professor to be a mentor, in order to fulfill my vision of hosting intimate and iconic editorials.

Make Pretty Workshops was created for the fashion-forward, design-driven photographer who feels more than ready to tap into a bigger market, refresh and renew your brand’s aesthetic, and gain the experiences you need to confidently go after your goals.

There’s almost nothing I love more than supporting you in the growth of your photographer career. Well, that and ending the day with a long walk with my husband & our three dogs, Luna, Baggins, and Willow.

I used to be told my work was

While getting my masters, I regularly received the criticism that my work was if that was an insult. You see, my studio professor, let's call him Dick, thought if your work wasn't slightly tortured or you weren't willing to be starving artist, then it wasn't deep enough. Being the black sheep of my program was not a new feeling, but being accosted for having an aesthetic point of view felt excessive. Come graduation, our exhibition (mine was focused on my years as a dancer) was on display in the local gallery, and guess what?

turns out...pretty sells!

An art collector from Nashville happened to be visiting and stumbled upon our show. She was taken with my work, and bought all 8 pieces. That had never happened in our program history, and you better believe it felt great to tell Dick that my oh-so-pretty show sold. Ten years later, I make my living on making pretty -- and want to help others too. 

The TL;DR version


Born into a creative family, destined to be an artist and often a black sheep.


Earned my MFA in Photography, where my work was often "too pretty". 


With 15 years in the wedding industry, and nearly a decade wanting to teach, Make Pretty Workshop was created. 

You should know

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of life-giving experiences through my work as a photographer and mentor, so it’s important to me to pay it forward. Both Molly + Co. and Make Pretty Workshops are committed to giving back through the following organizations.

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"Molly's mentorship was as relishing as it was            "



— hannah quintana photography


"Molly helped us feel confident to make changes, leading to opportunities." 

— sarah + Austin Jones, jones co creative


"With two decades of experience, I left Make Pretty with renewed creativity!

— Meg Hamilton, rodeo & co Photography