Our fine art wedding photography workshops and intimate wedding editorials are for design-driven, fashion-loving photographers and videographers who believe fine art can look more than one way. With our modern, striking, and impactful curation, you can create the kind of photos that do more than “attract” luxury clients—they’ll be left picking up their jaw. 


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Hey there - I'm Molly.

Destination Wedding Photographer + Mentor

I’ve spent more than 15 years in the industry, covering hundreds of weddings from LA to New England to Europe. You could say there’s little I haven’t seen - other than fine art editorials that don’t all look the same. So I’ll be damned if Make Pretty follows suit!

With a Master’s in Fine Art Photography from Brooks Institute, I originally intended to teach at the collegiate level. I later decided to pursue teaching workshops in order to fill a gap in the industry and further apply my background in fashion, design, and wedding planning.

My desire is to help you eliminate some of the side-steps and hiccups throughout your career so you can achieve what you want sooner—rather than taking the long road as I did, or questioning yourself when you simply need the right setting and tools at your disposal. As a brand curator and mentor, I’m here to guide you as you identify your aesthetic point of view, attract your ideal clients, and build a brand you’re incredibly proud of.

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"Hands down some of the best money I've spent on a workshop for sure. The way Molly creates magic with just subtle nuance and the heart she pours into every single attendee, detail, creative partner involved and more is on apparent display and you will absolutely not regret attending Make Pretty!"

Meghan Sea Ranch

“Don't let the name fool you - Make Pretty Workshop isn't your typical workshop. Take what you know about the standard workshop experience and throw it out the window.  Iconic editorials, education, and community is just the beginning.”


"Within weeks of the London workshop, I booked a session in the UK.  I am so stoked to see the ROI almost immediately and be booking the international clients I want."

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